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Touring Alternatives

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There are many ways to tour Australia, and they all offer attractive advantages. The most popular modes of transport include motoring in your own or rented vehicle, travelling by campervan or motorhome, coach touring, railroad touring, houseboat or sailboat cruising and air touring.

Accommodation can range from a blanket under the stars to a tent, caravan, bunkhouse, country pub, private house and motel. There are over 1000 hotels and 2000 motels in Australia, in cities, resorts and rural areas. Most offer air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, tea- and coffee-making facilities, telephone, refrigerator and television. Unless otherwise stated, hotel and motel prices do not include meals, and it is recommended reservations be made in advance in cities and resorts. There are also some eight hundred caravan parks and two hundred Youth Hostels of Australia. The choice of accommodation is yours. It depends solely on how adventurous you are, how much money you can afford, and the extent of your expectations.

Motoring is a delightful way to see Australia, giving travellers flexibility and independence. They can travel as they please, explore places near and far, and stop whenever the mood takes them. Australia is serviced by a vast network of highways and roads, ranging from broad freeways to well-worn dusty tracks. However, the majority of roads are two-lane, asphalt-surfaced, all weather roads.

The ideal vehicle for motoring is a four-wheel-drive, which is able to deal with the worst road conditions with ease. They can withstand the continuous punishment of currugated roads which often lead to breakdowns in less durable vehicles. They are also capable of carrying extra weight and still be driven out of most entrapment situations. Unlike lighter vehicles that do not have the advantage of an extra differential at the front, a four-wheel-drive will allow travellers to leave the road to find that picturesque campsite near a stream. Attempts to leave a road in a conventional vehicle should be resisted, especially in areas where heavy rains are known to have fallen. There are many roads that can be explored all year round, and they all pass through majestic country and lead to exciting destinations.

Travelling in a campervan, motorhome or trailing a caravan allows ease of catering which adds that little bit more comfort for extended tours, without having to spend money on expensive accommodation. These types of vehicles are usually fitted with refrigeration, convertible beds, water tank, sink, extra storage space and a gas stove. Some of the more deluxe models, are fitted widi a shower and toilet.

Camping grounds can be located in most towns and resort areas, along highways and near the ocean. Although the standards vary from one caravan park to another, they all provide the basic amenities of electricity, hot and cold showers, toilets and laundry. The location of caravan parks can be obtained from the various State automobile organisation or tourist information centres and sites can usually be obtained at short notice. However, during the busy holiday periods one should make bookings in advance.

Travelling in an air-conditioned coach is an efficient and economical way to see the country; and for those with a sense of adventure it is a wonderful satisfying experience and a chance to meet new friends. The most modern coaches are smooth, comfortable and quiet; and fitted with head-rests, adjustable seats, washroom and toilet. Most coaches that cover the outbacks routes are also fitted with radio transceivers which are tuned to the Flying Doctor Service. The coaches are driven by highly skilled drivers, who make regular stops at roadhouses along the shorter routes where passengers can buy meals and refreshments, and organised campsites are established along the longer, isolated routes.

When travelling by coach everything is well-planned in advance. Regular coach tours depart from all capital cities and resorts, and vary in length from a few days upwards. For extended tours coach companies provide meals as part of the fare, and for tours to isolated regions passengers are provided with two-man, weather-proof tents. In these areas passengers pitch in and help with the camp chores, whether it is assisting the cook to prepare meals or simply to enjoy the company of new friends under a stunning Australian night sky. Although sleeping bags and mattresses are provided, travellers should carry casual clothes such as jeans, drip-dry shirts, slacks, blouses, swimmers and comfortable walking shoes. A tracksuit or woollens should also be taken along for warmth against the cool inland nights.

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