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Touring Australia Places of Interest

Adelaide River

This town is situated on the Stuart Highway, 110 kilometres from Darwin. It is a colourful town and a popular stop-over point. It is best known for its war cemetery, where those who died during the wartime bombings of Darwin were buried.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs, also known as the ‘Red Centre’, is located almost in the geographic centre of Australia. It is an oasis surrounded by some of Australia’s most incredible, beautiful mountain and desert scenery. Settled in 1872 as an Overland Telegraph station, today it is a thriving cattle and tourist centre. Some of its highlights are Anzac Hill with its superb views of Alice Springs and the surrounding ranges; the School of the Air, located on Head Street; the Royal Flying Doctor Base; the Alice Springs Casino, situated on Barnett Drive; Chateau Hornsby, a unique inland winery 15 kilometres from the town; and a camel farm on Emily Gap Road. Another major attraction is the Diarama Village which traces the myths and legends of the Australian Aborigines. The village features wood carvings, Arnhem Land crafts, bark paintings, and watercolour and sand paintings.

Alice Springs Art Galleries

There are some fourteen galleries in Alice Springs, including the intriguing Diarama Village, an Aboriginal arts centre on the outskirts of the town. Other notable galleries include Panorama Guth. which bouses the works of painter Henk Guth. Its main attraction is a panoramic painting of central Australia that has a circumference of 60 metres and stands 6 metres high. The Pitchi Ritchi Sanctuary is a well-known outdoor gallery, featuring remarkable tree sculptures by William Ricketts.

Alice Springs Museums

The town’s many museums reflect the pioneering era of central Australia The Old Timers' Museum illustrates the early days: the Aviation Museum recalls the vital and sometimes tragic role of early aviators; the Magic Spark Radio Museum records the continuing use of the airwaves in outback communications; the Old Telegraph Station features early telegraph communication display-s. the Camel Farm Museum recalls the early camel tram era; and the Stuart Auto Museum houses over twenty vehicles ifaung from 1884 to the 1984 Holden. This museum also houses a large selection of phonographs and gramophones.

Arnhem Highway

This highway borders the southern part of Arnhem Land and crosses marrv rivers.  cruises along the South Alii Creek can be arranged at the ! .Alligator Motel Inn, situated kilometres from Darwin on the wav. Other scenic attractions in abundant birdlife, lakes and plains, and colourful landscapes.

Berry Springs

Situated within a nature reserv kilometres south of Darwin, Springs is one of several attrs ramping and picnic areas in th< End. It is a popular weekend retrc many Darwmites and features ( facilities nature walks and cooL flowing streams. The rivers, creel lagoons of the Top End are n hahirars for thousands of wate and other bird species.

East Alligator River

The East .Alligator River provide best in Australian outback scenet is known, not oniv for its barram but also for the salt-water croct winch inhabit the river and sum mg areas

Fogg Dam

Located 60 kilometres from Da off the Arnhem Land Highway, is famous for being the site ( ill-fated Humptv Doo rice prc Today, it is a haven for numt species of birdlife — the latter t the main cause for the rice pr bemg abandoned. The region i ornithologist's paradise, and bin tars are an advantage. During h tropical rains the area becom Aoodpbin. 

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